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Advantages of Equity Shares

Depending on the type of asset that is being discussed, the term “equity” can refer to a variety of different concepts. In other words, equity is the portion of an asset that you truly own after paying off all associated debts. Investing in a company by purchasing its shares would be an example of an equity investment. This section provides additional information regarding equity investment, the advantages of equity shares and more.

It is essential to manage the level of risk in your investments so that they correspond to your level of comfort and risk tolerance. Using equity, which is a sort of asset, to maximise profits is a significant matter. In any event, you must be willing to assume the appropriate risk, which could be modest or substantial depending on the circumstances.

Advantages of Equity Shares

One of the many reasons why people do not want to invest is the inherent hazards associated with stock market investing. Before deciding what to do with your money, you should always conduct extensive market research. Also read about characteristics of equity shares for additional knowledge purpose.

Recent investor optimism over India’s stock market has increased. Why then are people eager to attempt anything that may make them feel slightly uneasy? You should be aware of the advantages of equity shares, as they are inherent to the transaction.


When you purchase a company’s shares, you become a shareholder. This establishes your membership with the company. To put it more directly, you are now in charge and in control of the company.

You would be eligible to get a portion of the company’s profits as an investor. You would have the chance to vote on critical matters if you contributed funds to the organization.


Returns on stock investments can be generated by either an increase in the capital value of the shares or dividends. Dividends are payments paid by a firm to its stockholders from any surplus cash it has accumulated. Investors receive dividends as a sort of passive income from their investments. This increases their overall value.

Additional Returns

When compared to other forms of investment, such as bank fixed deposits, the primary advantages of equity shares is that it can provide substantial profits in a short period of time. Other methods of investment, such as bank CDs, cannot make this claim.

The crash of Covid-19 in 2020 has had little effect on the stock market, which is currently trading at record highs. If you select the correct stocks and employ a sound trading technique, the stock market could provide you with unrivalled rewards.

Limited liability

There is always the possibility that a firm will fail, whether that means going out of business or losing money as a result of its management. In contrast, a shareholder’s or investor’s liability is limited to the amount of initial money invested and cannot be raised in any way.

Protection from the Regulatory Board

The Securities and Exchange Board of India is the government organisation responsible for monitoring the Indian stock market (SEBI). The regulatory structure of SEBI serves multiple functions, including the protection of investor interests. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has taken significant steps to reduce business fraud.


A popular sort of liquid asset is a share of a company’s stock. The advantages of equity shares is that it can be transfer in a short amount of time and with minimal effort. On the NSE and the BSE, a considerable number of transactions occur daily on average. This indicates that the market is always bustling with buyers and sellers conducting transactions.

Reduce Inflation and Stimulate Economic Growth

One of the most difficult aspects of conserving money is keeping up with inflation. In a perfect world, the rate of return on your investment would exceed the inflation rate. If things proceeded in the opposite direction, wealth would decline. It is feasible to earn a return on equities that is far larger than the current rate of inflation.

This is an advantage of equity shares over the long term. Throughout history, the return on stock indexes has always been greater than the return on other investments, including debt, when measured over extended periods of time.


To begin investing in the stock market, you need only a little amount of capital. The best course of action in this case would be to purchase small and medium-sized company stocks more frequently and in smaller quantities. When it comes to purchasing, selling, or holding shares of stock, investors have a great deal of freedom, which is one of the advantages of investing in stocks.

Right and Bonus Equity Shares

When a firm needs additional funds, one option is to issue “rights shares.” This structure safeguards the current shareholders’ ownership of the company and provides them with access to additional capital by granting them first option on any new investments made feasible by a right issue. When a firm issues shares by right, they do so for less than the share’s market value. Current investors have the option of taking advantages of equity shares.

It is up to the corporation to determine if and when bonus shares will be distributed to its shareholders. Those who have already invested in the company and are now shareholders can receive additional shares as a bonus. Rather than paying dividends, firms frequently distribute bonus shares.

Preferable than being Taxable

When investing in stocks, it is possible to earn money. Long-term capital gains (LTCG) from stock investments are not taxable on the first one lakh rupees. If they exceed Rs. 1 lakh, gains on assets held for more than a year are taxed at a rate of 10%.

Short-term capital gains (STCG) are profits from the sale of stock investments in less than a year. They are subject to a 15% tax charge. The tax rate on debt and gold gains is higher than the tax rate on stock and share profits.

Streamlined Processes and Transactions

Stock trading knowledge is not difficult to acquire. Anyone with access to a broker, financial advisor, or the internet can purchase stocks. Creating an account and starting is a straightforward procedure. Now that there are more digital trading platforms, buying and selling stocks is easier. It is one of the primary advantages of equity shares.

Bank Loan by Providing Collateral

This positive aspect of equity funds is frequently overlooked, which is unfortunate because it is vital. You can obtain a loan from a bank using shares of stock or equity mutual funds as collateral. When the outstanding balance of the loan is payable in full, the pledge becomes invalid.

Loans secured by equity mutual funds may not exceed 50 percent of the value of the funds’ underlying stock holdings or 50 percent of the value of the qualifying shares, whichever is smaller.

Multiple Investment Approaches

Diversification is beneficial when it comes to investing. As the proverb says, you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. By diversifying your investments over many asset classes, you can reduce the likelihood that a single investment would result in a loss. Equity investments have a significant advantage over other types of investments due to their great diversification.

The fluctuations of the stock market have little impact on the prices of bonds and real estate. When an investor adds equities to their portfolio, they not only increase their overall risk, but they also enhance their potential for swift and substantial gains. This knowledge can assist investors avoid becoming excessively cautious.


Equity investment is the practice of purchasing and holding firm shares. There are numerous advantages of equity shares link with investing. Including low liability, high liquidity, capital gains, and firm control. Ensure that you have completed the necessary research before investing in stocks, that your portfolio is diversified, and that you make prudent judgments.