33 Best Financial Websites And Business Magazines

Not everyone has a financial background and not everyone can afford to hire a financial advisor to get an investment advice. The easiest option for them to learn about finance is to regularly visit best financial websites, best business magazines or subscribe to personal finance magazines.

Not only beginners but many successful investors start their day by reading popular business magazines or visiting financial news websites. With so many options available on internet we have prepared a list of best financial websites and business magazines for you to visit regularly.

Best Financial News and Business Websites

Below is the list of best financial websites including financial news websites, personal finance websites, money management websites and budgeting websites for beginners and investors.

  • Economic Times
  • Moneycontrol
  • Livemint
  • Financial Express
  • Business Standard
  • Equitymaster
  • Value Research Online
  • Marketwatch
  • CNBC
  • Google Finance
  • Kiplinger
  • Reuters
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Financial Times
  • Bloomberg Markets
  • CNN Money
  • The Street
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Seeking Alpha
  • Investing

Economic Times

Economic Times is one of the best financial websites in India. It also has a business and news channel known as ET Now.

Their website mainly contains news related to domestic as well as international finance along with prices for stocks, mutual funds and commodities.

It also publishes a daily newspaper in top cities of India and is among the most widely read business newspaper in English language.


Moneycontrol is one of the most famous financial website in India. They started off as a finance portal that used to provide stock prices.

Today they are biggest source of business and financial news as well as huge database on different exchange traded funds and mutual funds.

They also provide different tools on investing and personal finance on their website which can help you with financial and retirement planning.


Livemint is one of the fastest growing financial website. They also have a section known as livemint lounge for non financial news.

They provide national as well as international business news giving detailed coverage of all the significant events and market movements.

As an integrated website they also release premium weekend magazine which focuses on lifestyle and other related interests and is immensely popular among readers.

Financial Express

Financial Express website is a part of Indian Express group and they are specialized in national and international financial and business news.

Business Standard

Business Standard website is known for providing excellent coverage on corporate governance, international trade and business, currency and stock markets, economy and infrastructure.


EquityMaster features portfolio tracker and stock screener for their users on their website along with stock recommendations and reviews about financial products.

They also provide recommendation on various investment strategies depending upon your investment theme, investment horizon and investment style.

Value Research Online

Value Research Online is specialized in providing investment advice, fixed income products, top rated funds and free fund selector for comparing different mutual funds.

Most of the leading newspapers, TV channels and magazines are their direct customers which use their inputs to enhance their coverage on finance and investments.

Their website also provides a service known as Value Research Stock Advisor where they give stock recommendations every month, along with tracking and updates.


MarketWatch is one of the best financial websites that provides business news, stock market news, personal finance information and other investment tools and data.

MarketWatch stock screener is a very popular feature where you can screen the stocks on the basis of price, volume, fundamentals, technical indicators, etc

This website also has a personal finance section which covers topics like Spending & Saving, Family Finance, Retirement, Taxes, Real Estate, Credit Cards, etc.


CNBC is a popular business and financial news website which keeps you updated with the latest breaking business finance news.

They also have a news and business channel which live streams the coverage for different financial markets on their website.

Some of their key features include integrated business newsroom, exclusive videos, special shows, expert guest columns, real time analysis and visual stories.

Google Finance

Google Finance is a financial website by Google which focuses on business news and other financial information.

You can create a free financial portfolio by logging into you Google account or you can also install Google finance app on your mobile phone.


Kiplinger’s website provides business forecasting content as well as various money management tools, calculators, quizzes, slideshows, infographics and videos.

Kiplinger’s is also one of the best personal finance websites. They are well known for The Kiplinger Letter and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine.

The Kiplinger Letter is a weekly periodical that gives information about business, economy, legislation, demographics, technology, world affairs, politics and investing.

Kiplinger’s Retirement Report covers all the retirement topics like investing, Social Security, taxes, health, estate planning, leisure and travel, housing, etc.


Reuters is the media division of Thomson Reuters. It is one of the largest financial news website providing investing, business, stock market, and personal finance news.

Reuters also has articles on financial advice, wealth management, budget management, financial planning and investment advice.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a financial website by Yahoo network. It is one of the best websites for free financial news and stock market quotes.

It also provides business news, data, financial reports, press releases along with different online tools for personal finance management.

Beginners or students can create a Yahoo finance portfolio to screen your favorite stocks on their website or you can also install Yahoo finance app on your mobile phone.

Financial Times

Financial Times is a leading financial news website that offers a wide variety of content like financial news, data, analysis, business and economic news.

It also contains articles on financial analysis for best stocks including fundamental and technical analysis as well as on money management.

Bloomberg Markets

Bloomberg Markets is a powerful financial news website which offers a lot of financial information in an attractive format.

On their website, you will also find top finance headlines, business stories and Bloomberg watchlist along with current market trends and lots of video content.

CNN Money

CNN Money is one of the biggest financial news website in the world which provides quick news and updates on wide variety of financial topics.

Their website contains trending stocks, headlines, financial news. It’s a best place to learn how the news will affect your personal finances.

The Street

The Street focuses on news related to investing, current events, opinion pieces, investing recommendations and the basics of starting into financial markets.

Their website also offers paid services for advanced investors which include in-depth analysis of current markets and stock recommendations.

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal is one of the best website for stock news, providing with the latest business and financial articles.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha displays trending articles from other financial websites along with recent news, hottest topics and the best-performing stocks.


Investing is a financial website providing breaking news on global stock markets, bonds, commodities, different types of mutual funds and interest rates products.

Investing also provides access to best financial market tools, financial calculators and calendars, customized portfolios, real time charts, personal alerts and financial insights.

Best Personal Finance and Money Magazines

Below is the list of best financial and business magazines including personal finance magazines, wealth management magazines and stock market magazines for beginners and investors.

  • Outlook Business
  • Business Today
  • Business India
  • Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine
  • Money Magazine
  • Money Sense
  • Money Observer
  • Outlook Money
  • Barron’s
  • The Economist
  • Forbes
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Investor’s Business Daily

Outlook Business

Outlook Business is one of the best business magazines known for its aggressive and bold articles about current issues in various industries. Moreover this magazine is insightful, vibrant and thought provoking.

This business magazine covers in-depth analysis and information from all business sectors that require good understanding.

It also provides detailed analysis of stock prices, market trends and sales strategies. Also it covers stories about leading businessmen and industries.

Business Today

Business Today was one of the first business magazine which included management theories as well as their real world application in current business scenarios.

They also provide the effects of economy on various business strategies covering lots of different industries. This magazine is ranked among top ten business and financial magazines.

Business India

Business India is considered as pioneer in Indian business journalism. It is certainly very well known for its detailed analysis which provides a complete and objective picture about corporate world.

Business India also focuses on government policies and the economy covering all the business sectors. It is an amazing source of information for a reader looking for updated information.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine

Kiplinger’s personal finance magazine offers clear and unbiased advice on managing money, financial planning, investing and achieving financial security.

The monthly Kiplinger’s personal finance magazine also covers topics like retirement planning, taxes, financing college, insurance, real estate, health care, etc.

Kiplinger’s magazine provides information about various investment products such as growth stocks that invest in new technologies, top mutual funds and stock index funds.

Kiplinger’s Retirement Report covers all the retirement topics like estate planning, investing, taxes, health, leisure and travel, Social Security, housing, etc.

Money Magazine

Money magazine is a personal finance magazine that covers various personal finance articles related to savings, taxes, retirement, investing and insurance.

This magazine is published every month and it also contains lifestyle topics such as career, credit, loans, paying for college and home improvement ideas.

Money magazine also features articles related to retirement by showcasing various real life stories and interesting case studies.

Money Sense

Money Sense is one of the best online personal finance and lifestyle magazines which contain informative personal finance articles to help you manage your money.

It covers various personal finance topics like savings, investment strategies, insurance, loans, mortgage, retirement planning, paying for education, etc.

Money Observer

Money Observer is a monthly financial magazine that has various sections like EasyMoney, GrowMoney and SmartMoney.

EasyMoney contains personal finance news from savings and investment area whereas GrowMoney section provides best investment strategies and opportunities.

SmartMoney section provides coverage on topics like savings, retirement planning, taxation, investment products and mortgage.

Outlook Money

Outlook Money is more of a personal financial planner. It helps its readers to meet their financial goals through current information.

They focus on the different ways of investing money to achieve your financial goals. They are like a personal finance specialist which acts like your free money manager.

In other words you can know about best stocks, right insurance products, savings solutions and various other retirement ideas in easy and simple language.


Barron’s is one of the most respected business magazines when it comes to finance and investing. Their website has plenty of information about financial markets.

Barron’s is published weekly and is completely devoted to investing related articles. However it assumes that you understand the basics of financial markets.

Every issue contains lots of ideas and in depth analysis that is required to make an intelligent decision by an individual investor.

Every week Barron’s has a special section which focuses on best trading ideas and news driven analysis for international markets.

It also contains closing prices for most of the stocks, mutual funds, bonds, commodities and exchange traded funds.

The Economist

The Economist is considered as one of the best financial magazines since long time. Every December it publishes the insights and predictions for next year.

You will find well researched as well as detailed articles about finance, wealth, business, science, technology, economics and politics.

With the subscription of The Economist, you will feel that you are aware of the local as well as global situation, irrespective of what the situation is.


Forbes magazine is an amazing source of information for financial updates and news as well as articles related to marketing, economics, investing, wealth and finance.

You can also subscribe to their investing newsletter which will be delivered to your mailbox. Forbes is well known for its Forbes Fortune lists of richest people and companies around the world.

Forbes also reports how your business and investments are affected by recent trends in science, technology, banking and law.

It also showcases upcoming entrepreneurs and technology startups in global finance, that are expected to change the future.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek gives you a good insight into management and business world. You can subscribe to their print, web, mobile or tablet edition.

It also gives you advice about the political news and latest economic trends that can impact your portfolio. Bloomberg Businessweek covers are very popular.

Their website gives you good information about current scenario so that you can figure out how it can affect your personal finances.

Businessweek was first published in 1929 and is currently an American weekly business magazine headquartered in New York City.

Investor’s Business Daily

Investors’ Business Daily is a good choice for investors who are serious about their financial life. They provide information and advice about finance, budget and investing.

Above all it’s a financial magazine and it offers education and investment research to investors. As the name suggests it is published daily.

Investor’s Business Daily editorials can be accessed from their website as well as you can also read the physical copy which is delivered once every week.