List of SNP BSE Realty Index Stocks

List of BSE Realty Index Stocks of 2023

You just want cash to buy your stock, and yet picking out their ideal stock during the right occasion without a method are incredibly complex. Some of the BSE Realty Index stock prices push extremely accelerated among try supported by strong fundamentally additionally technically uptrend. It is your time towards review mighty stocks showing symptoms concerning energy as compared to the rest of the market. There are no shortcuts in order to finding a top stock without worrying about gaining knowledge. The precise way to find great stock are with the analytical skills and try created alongside constant learning. The following is some sort of updated selection of BSE Realty stocks of 2023.

per stock exchange is a system which allows investors and also investors to buy then sell their securities throughout specific hours to business days. All BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd) was that Asia’s earliest stock exchange established in 1875 and situated in Dalal Street, Mumbai. It also offers services love: market data services, dealing services, CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited) depository services, insights base materials, risk management and a lot more. Calculation out of BSE Realty holdings was represented considering the free float market capitalization stocks weightage. BSE took the mere 50 times at 1995 to switch paper-established inside electronic dealing systems. Their electronic platform possesses capability to undertake 8 million trades per day therefore try commonly recognized like BSE On-Line dealing (BOLT). Inside 2012, BSE is also one Partner change of this Sustainable Stock Exchange (SSE) effort associated with the United Nations (UN). BSE restricted maintains issued Initial public offering inside 2017 that try noted on will National Stock Exchange of India (NSE).

List of BSE Realty Index Stocks of 2023

Indian stock market is made of over 6,500+ stocks which is really a significant problem using this concept. Its impossible doing fundamental analysis of all stocks occasionally. Here you can use your stock screener inside first shortlist couple of great stocks starting S&P BSE Realty stocks. You’ll next go-ahead inside check out their technical chart for deep analysis.

Sr Company Name ISIN Number Listed On Series Group Face Value Listing Date Industry / Company Sector Market Cap (Cr) P/BV 1-Yr Return 1-Yr Profit Growth 3-Yrs Profit Growth 5-Yrs Profit Growth 52 Week High 52 Week High Date 52 Week Low 52 Week Low Date
1 Brigade Enterprises Ltd. INE791I01019 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 31-12-2007 Construction Services ₹12,427.52 4.33 45.64% 114.5% ₹585.00 12-Sep-22 ₹358.35 21-Sep-21
2 Dlf Ltd. INE271C01023 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 05-07-2007 Construction Services ₹96,574.30 2.64 19.24% 16.89% 10.0% 27.42% ₹449.70 18-Oct-21 ₹294.70 20-Jun-22
3 Godrej Properties Ltd INE484J01027 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹5.00 05-01-2010 Construction Services ₹36,708.49 4.2 -20.45% 346.06% 15.16% 10.84% ₹2,598.00 14-Oct-21 ₹1,129.55 20-Jun-22
4 Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd. INE069I01010 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 23-03-2007 Construction Services ₹4,195.27 1.2 -40.14% -286.1% ₹195.90 09-Nov-21 ₹58.00 06-Jul-22
5 Oberoi Realty Ltd. INE093I01010 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 20-10-2010 Construction Services ₹37,361.95 3.58 41.34% 72.95% 9.15% 22.57% ₹1,088.95 15-Sep-22 ₹705.55 21-Sep-21
6 Prestige Estates Projects Ltd. INE811K01011 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 27-10-2010 Real Estate Operations ₹18,686.19 2.03 16.01% 30.34% 15.23% 15.05% ₹554.90 18-Jan-22 ₹379.00 20-Jun-22
7 Sobha Limited INE671H01015 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 20-12-2006 Construction Services ₹6,489.36 2.61 -3.69% 80.0% -31.54% -9.96% ₹1,044.95 19-Jan-22 ₹480.20 20-Jun-22
8 Sunteck Realty Ltd. INE805D01034 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹1.00 13-11-2009 Construction Services ₹6,588.78 2.38 3.04% -9.48% -52.05% -34.38% ₹589.90 18-Jan-22 ₹378.00 16-May-22
9 The Phoenix Mills Ltd INE211B01039 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 23-04-2007 Construction Services ₹24,621.18 3.76 62.0% 577.87% -14.36% 6.91% ₹1,448.95 01-Sep-22 ₹827.25 20-Sep-21

Examples of BSE Realty Stocks/Companies

Let us assume that 10 years back you have purchased Godrej Properties Limited (GODREJPROP) from Capital Goods (Construction Services) sector. In 10 years, Godrej Properties Ltd stock has rise with 12% Compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Suppose you have invested ₹4,40,000 principal in Godrej Properties Limited (GODREJPROP) stock. Calculate 10 years returns with CAGR formula for Godrej Properties Ltd stock. Your investment value will be ₹13,66,573 in 10 years.


This conclude the List of BSE Realty Index Stocks of 2023. The examples of S&P BSE Realty Index Stock will help you to take effective investment decisions. Happy Reading!

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