List of SNP BSE Bankex Index Stocks

List of BSE Bankex Index Stocks of 2023

You simply require finances to buy one stock, still buying each right stock at appropriate time period without having a technique looks extremely intense. Some of the BSE Bankex Index stock rates push extremely fast at is backed by sturdy fundamentally furthermore technically uptrend. Its time towards analyze compelling stocks showing indications concerning power than the rest of the market. There are no shortcuts in order to finding one better stock without gaining understanding. On valid strategy for finding ideal stock is through on your analytical skills what was put together using constant learning. Here’s will updated a number of BSE Bankex stocks of 2023.

one stock exchange is a platform which allows traders and also investors buying furthermore promote their securities through definite hours to business days. Your BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd) was on Asia’s oldest stock exchange created in 1875 plus positioned in Dalal Street, Mumbai. This also provides services like: market information services, dealing services, CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited) depository services, knowledge base items, risk management plus much more. Calculation to BSE Bankex holdings are represented based on some sort of free float market capitalization stocks weightage. BSE took the simple 50 times at 1995 to switch papers-dependent towards electronic exchanging systems. Its electronic platform possesses capability to undertake eight million trades per day and it are commonly popular since BSE On-Line exchanging (BOLT). Inside 2012, BSE is also the companion Exchange of this Sustainable Stock Exchange (SSE) initiative regarding the United Nations (UN). BSE limited shows given first public offering inside 2017 that are noted on their National Stock Exchange of India (NSE).

List of BSE Bankex Index Stocks of 2023

Indian stock market consists of more than 6,500+ stocks which is really a proper downside with this concept. Its impossible doing fundamental analysis of all stocks occasionally. Right here you can use your stock screener towards 1st shortlist couple of ideal stocks after S&P BSE Bankex stocks. You’ll next get-ahead towards confirm their technical chart of deeply analysis.

Sr Company Name ISIN Number Listed On Series Group Face Value Listing Date Industry / Company Sector Market Cap (Cr) P/BV 1-Yr Return 1-Yr Profit Growth 3-Yrs Profit Growth 5-Yrs Profit Growth 52 Week High 52 Week High Date 52 Week Low 52 Week Low Date
1 Au Small Finance Bank Ltd INE949L01017 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 10-07-2017 Regional Banks ₹44,323.49 5.63 18.45% 1.83% 43.47% 6.58% ₹732.98 21-Apr-22 ₹462.50 27-Dec-21
2 Axis Bank Ltd. INE238A01034 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 16-11-1998 Regional Banks ₹2,49,547.96 2.1 0.28% 90.98% 40.87% 29.0% ₹866.90 25-Oct-21 ₹618.25 23-Jun-22
3 Bandhan Bank Ltd INE545U01014 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 27-03-2018 Regional Banks ₹47,333.89 2.75 2.86% -68.49% -59.61% -35.05% ₹349.55 17-May-22 ₹229.55 27-Dec-21
4 Bank Of Baroda INE028A01039 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 19-02-1997 Regional Banks ₹73,588.47 0.81 80.26% 150.61% 93.34% 35.17% ₹143.45 19-Sep-22 ₹76.90 21-Sep-21
5 Hdfc Bank Ltd INE040A01034 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹1.00 08-11-1995 Regional Banks ₹8,41,927.80 3.4 -3.67% 21.0% 19.42% 20.03% ₹1,725.00 18-Oct-21 ₹1,271.60 17-Jun-22
6 Icici Bank Ltd. INE090A01021 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 17-09-1997 Regional Banks ₹6,37,687.56 3.48 26.65% 38.46% 80.7% 19.76% ₹936.65 15-Sep-22 ₹642.15 07-Mar-22
7 Indusind Bank Ltd. INE095A01012 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 28-01-1998 Regional Banks ₹97,852.75 2.02 12.46% 56.37% 11.78% 9.98% ₹1,256.00 19-Sep-22 ₹763.20 23-Jun-22
8 Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. INE237A01028 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹5.00 20-12-1995 Regional Banks ₹3,85,998.81 3.98 -3.59% 31.13% 18.85% 19.6% ₹2,253.00 27-Oct-21 ₹1,631.00 30-Jun-22
9 State Bank Of India INE062A01020 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹1.00 01-03-1995 Regional Banks ₹5,12,897.44 1.69 30.81% 61.99% 153.78% 159.61% ₹578.50 15-Sep-22 ₹425.00 08-Mar-22
10 Federal Bank Ltd. INE171A01029 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 08-02-1995 Regional Banks ₹26,103.93 1.35 53.83% 39.44% 14.65% 17.8% ₹129.75 05-Sep-22 ₹78.15 21-Sep-21

Examples of BSE Bankex Stocks/Companies

Let us assume that 10 years back you have purchased HDFC Bank Limited (HDFCBANK) from Financial (Regional Banks) sector. In 10 years, Hdfc Bank Ltd stock has rise with 20% Compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Suppose you have invested ₹1,30,000 principal in HDFC Bank Limited (HDFCBANK) stock. Calculate 10 years returns with CAGR formula for Hdfc Bank Ltd stock. Your investment value will be ₹8,04,926 in 10 years.


This conclude the List of BSE Bankex Index Stocks of 2023. The examples of S&P BSE Bankex Index Stock will help you to take effective investment decisions. Happy Reading!

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