List-of-Highest Dividend Yield Stocks In India-List-of-Highest Dividend Yield Shares In India

List of Highest Dividend Yield Stocks in India for 2023

It is important to note that there are two kinds of stock exchanges in the United States: a main stock exchange and a secondary stock market (or secondary stock exchange). When it comes to trading in a company’s stock, the secondary share market is where the action takes place. Investment opportunities for highest dividend yield stocks in India trading become available to investors shortly after a corporation’s stock is listed on the stock market. Price fluctuations in the market have an impact on the sale or purchase of products and services. Trading in the secondary market for stocks is only possible via the use of a broker. In one day, the Indian stock market will transact hundreds of billions of rupees’ worth of shares, according to industry estimates. If you are new to the stock market, it is recommended that you first familiarise yourself with the list of highest dividend yield stocks in India before going onto the trading floor.

It is almost impossible to find a large Indian company that is not publicly listed on one of the two stock markets. The Bombay Stock Market (BSE) is the world’s oldest stock exchange, while the National Stock Exchange (NSE) is the world’s biggest stock exchange by trading volume highest dividend yield stocks in India with high volume. As a consequence, the NSE has a greater degree of liquidity than the other exchanges. The market valuation of both companies is about three trillion dollars, which is comparable to the previous two. Having both exchanges compete for order flow has the effect of lowering costs, increasing market efficiency and fostering more innovation. Because of the existence of arbitrageurs, the prices of equities traded on the two stock exchanges are maintained within a relatively narrow range of possibilities. Every market acts as a meeting point for buyers and sellers to meet and do business. Transactions are the lifeblood of the financial markets they underpin. Someone buys something, and someone sells something to the other person. A staggering amount of money is being traded in the number highest dividend yield stocks in India on a daily basis. A fraction of a second is all it takes for investors to trade in equities, enabling them to maximise their profits.

List of Highest Dividend Yield Stocks in India for 2023

Every day, hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of shares are traded on India’s stock market, putting the market’s value in the billions of dollars it has amassed. If you are new to the stock market, you should educate yourself as much as possible on the subject before attempting to trade. Aside from that, there are many distinct kinds of stock markets, and you are acquainted with each of them. This section will provide you with more information on the number list of highest dividend yield stocks in India with good EPS and how it relates to the Indian stock market.

Sr Company Name ISIN Number Listed On Series Group Face Value Listing Date Industry / Company Sector Market Cap (Cr) P/BV 1-Yr Return 1-Yr Profit Growth 3-Yrs Profit Growth 5-Yrs Profit Growth 52 Week High 52 Week High Date 52 Week Low 52 Week Low Date
1 Akzo Nobel India Limited INE133A01011 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 28-06-2001 Chemical Manufacturing ₹9,723.09 7.73 -2.65% -4.67% 14.32% 6.08% ₹2,300.00 04-Nov-21 ₹1,687.60 17-Jun-22
2 Bata India Ltd. INE176A01028 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹5.00 18-06-2003 Footwear ₹24,082.19 13.27 5.21% 635.09% -32.3% -10.23% ₹2,262.00 16-Nov-21 ₹1,607.45 17-Jun-22
3 Bayer Cropscience Ltd. INE462A01022 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 08-01-2010 Chemical Manufacturing ₹21,891.98 8.68 -9.35% 33.0% 21.1% 15.68% ₹5,667.75 05-Aug-22 ₹4,218.05 24-Feb-22
4 Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd. INE259A01022 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹1.00 17-12-2007 Personal & Household Prods. ₹43,036.28 24.82 -8.5% -0.83% 12.58% 13.31% ₹1,740.00 20-Sep-21 ₹1,375.60 25-Jan-22
5 Engineers India Ltd. INE510A01028 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹5.00 20-08-1997 Construction Services ₹3,762.87 2.11 -9.02% 13.82% -28.24% -16.23% ₹82.50 19-Oct-21 ₹56.00 20-Jun-22
6 Esab India Ltd. INE284A01012 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 01-11-1995 Constr. & Agric. Machinery ₹5,148.11 21.08 50.45% 23.58% 13.6% 22.14% ₹4,250.05 23-May-22 ₹2,106.40 28-Sep-21
7 Goodyear India Ltd. INE533A01012 NSE & BSE EQ B ₹10.00 28-12-1994 Tires ₹2,636.91 3.68 9.7% -32.15% 0.27% -4.15% ₹1,204.90 15-Sep-22 ₹783.00 20-Dec-21
8 Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd. INE517F01014 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 09-09-2010 Misc. Transportation ₹4,413.82 2.18 -10.71% 5.99% -1.52% -4.81% ₹119.00 19-Oct-21 ₹70.30 23-Jun-22
9 Idfc Limited INE043D01016 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 12-08-2005 Consumer Financial Services ₹10,856.18 1.22 23.85% 200.87% 27.18% -45.8% ₹71.70 15-Sep-22 ₹42.20 20-Jun-22
10 Il&Fs Investment Managers Ltd. INE050B01023 NSE & BSE BE B ₹2.00 15-09-1999 Investment Services ₹263.78 1.26 38.33% 62.96% 49.49% 7.23% ₹11.25 16-Dec-21 ₹5.50 23-Nov-21
11 Indag Rubber Ltd. INE802D01023 BSE X ₹2.00 Auto Tyres & Rubber Products ₹219.98 1.06 -4.54% -68.38% -38.23% -35.09%
12 Ineos Styrolution India Ltd INE189B01011 NSE & BSE EQ B ₹10.00 29-03-1995 Chemical Manufacturing ₹1,607.00 1.88 -33.41% -16.3% 214.43% 36.17% ₹1,881.00 18-Oct-21 ₹706.20 16-May-22
13 Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd. INE401H01017 NSE & BSE EQ B ₹10.00 13-04-2006 Apparel – Accessories ₹2,577.50 5.52 130.68% 157.48% 0.33% 1.72% ₹1,447.60 14-Dec-21 ₹180.20 11-May-22
14 Munjal Showa Ltd. INE577A01027 NSE & BSE EQ B ₹2.00 12-05-2003 Auto & Truck Parts ₹421.35 0.66 -21.01% -124.93% -47.87% -33.53% ₹147.80 28-Sep-21 ₹92.45 20-May-22
15 Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd. INE046A01015 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 29-11-1995 Construction Services ₹1,856.17 4.66 78.9% -12.69% -0.99% -14.37% ₹1,251.00 07-Sep-22 ₹610.05 23-Nov-21
16 Sanofi India Ltd INE058A01010 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 19-05-2003 Biotechnology & Drugs ₹13,874.88 9.55 -23.23% -8.59% 15.04% 13.83% ₹8,449.00 22-Oct-21 ₹5,991.10 19-Sep-22
17 Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd. INE107A01015 NSE & BSE EQ B ₹10.00 14-02-1996 Paper & Paper Products ₹1,683.87 1.07 85.09% 214.15% -53.16% -44.23% ₹280.00 06-Sep-22 ₹112.35 25-Jan-22
18 Tata Investment Corporation Ltd. INE672A01018 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 24-06-1998 Investment Services ₹13,640.98 0.7 114.14% 52.31% 10.9% -0.1% ₹2,883.40 15-Sep-22 ₹1,215.95 20-Jun-22
19 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. INE685A01028 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹5.00 25-11-2002 Biotechnology & Drugs ₹51,284.62 8.61 -3.18% -4.52% 21.79% 4.12% ₹1,649.25 31-Dec-21 ₹1,242.08 12-May-22
20 Windsor Machines Ltd. INE052A01021 NSE & BSE EQ B ₹2.00 17-08-2011 Misc. Capital Goods ₹246.42 0.86 32.34% -101.96% 39.99% -25.69% ₹51.80 20-Jan-22 ₹25.80 03-Dec-21

Participants In The Depository And The Depository

A Depository is a kind of financial intermediary that provides the service of a DEMAT account to investors. A DEMAT account will include all of the shares that an investor currently holds, but in digital format. For DEMAT account services in India, there are just two depositaries that provide them: the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and the Central Depositary Services (India) Limited (CDSL). It is not possible for an investor to establish a DEMAT account by going straight to the depositary. He is required to choose a Depository Participant (DP). Banks, financial institutions, and members of stock exchanges that are registered with SEBI are eligible to become designated persons (DPs), according to SEBI rules.

The India’s Securities And Exchange Board

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the regulating authority for the Indian stock markets, and it is based in New Delhi. The primary goal of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is to protect the interests of retail investors, encourage the growth of stock exchanges, and regulate the actions of financial intermediaries and investors in the stock market, among other things. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) guarantees that the stock exchanges (BSE and NSE), brokers, and sub-brokers operate fairly. The interests of small retail investors are safeguarded. Markets should not be used by corporations to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors. Market manipulation should not be allowed by large investors with a lot of wealth.


Now that you understand highest dividend yield stocks in India, you should consider investing. Participants (buyers and sellers of stocks) trade equity shares of companies on the stock market, which is a decentralised marketplace (buyers and sellers of stocks). It is common for experts and equity analysts to utilise the stock market jargon, referred to as List of Highest Dividend Yield Stocks in India for 2023, to characterise the state of the stock markets in India. Understanding these ideas may assist you in gaining a better understanding of stocks and other equity-related investments.

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