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An Overview of Ludo and All its Important Aspects

Over the past few years, many board games have come and gone out of trend. However, certain classic games have managed to stand their ground in terms of having a loyal fan following. Ludo is one such board game. This article will shed light on what ludo is and cover its important aspects. Let us begin:

Ludo – An Overview

Ludo is a strategy-based indoor board game that has millions of fans all around the globe. The game is extensively played in the Indian subcontinent. Ludo came into existence many centuries ago, i.e., around 3300 BC, as Pachisi. A minimum of two and a maximum of four players can indulge in a ludo match.

Like other board games and games in general, ludo has specific rules and regulations every player must follow. However, an important point to note is that ludo has simple and easy-to-follow rules, which is what makes ludo the perfect board game for people of all age groups.

Two Modes of Indulging in Ludo

Enthusiasts of the ludo board game can indulge in matches with their friends or acquaintances in two different ways, namely in the orthodox offline mode or the modern-day virtual or online mode. Here is a detailed look at both mediums:

Offline Mode

As mentioned earlier, the ludo board game is many centuries old. Hence, people have been indulging in ludo in the classic, offline mode for a long time, using physical ludo boards, playing pieces, and tokens. Even though indulging in ludo games physically is fun, the mode puts forth numerous limitations.

Online Mode

In today’s technologically-driven world, ludo enthusiasts also have the option to indulge in ludo games virtually, i.e., by using online ludo games. This method of playing ludo is deemed superior to the offline mode primarily because it offers numerous benefits to users.

For starters, individuals can play ludo earn money online with the help of online ludo platforms and games. Besides this, the physical presence of players in front of each other is not required. Moreover, online ludo is more accessible since all players need is an excellent online ludo game and an Internet connection to get started.

Equipment Players Require to Indulge in Offline Ludo

As mentioned above, all individuals need is a reliable online ludo game on their smartphone and a stable Internet connection to indulge in online ludo matches. However, in the case of offline ludo, individuals need multiple things to get started. Here is a detailed look at them:

Physical Game Board

The primary requirement for offline ludo matches is a physical game board. A ludo board features a square shape and four different colored bases in all corners. The colorful block outside each house is considered the commencement point.

Tokens/Playing Pieces

Every player in a ludo match is given four playing pieces of tokens whose color matches that of their respective ludo house.


The dice is a crucial skill required by individuals who wish to indulge in an offline ludo match. It sports the shape of a cube and features numbers 1 to 6 on each side.

How to Play Ludo

Like other types of board games, ludo is played in a particular way. Here is an in-depth look at how ludo matches are played:


Two to four players can participate and play a ludo match. The players start their game by placing their respective playing pieces in their assigned houses. Then, each participant rolls the dice once in an attempt to obtain the highest number. The individual who gets the highest roll starts the match by playing first.

The players on the left side of the individual with the highest roll follow in turn. Every player rolls the die and moves their playing pieces according to the number they roll.


The main aim of every individual playing in a ludo match is to move thor tokens around the board in the clockwise direction at least once and ensure that all of their tokens or playing pieces reach their respective bases before their opponents. The player whose tokens march into their home triangles first is declared the winner of the match.

Movement of Tokens

Before they can start using their die rolls to march the tokens, players need to take their playing pieces out of the bases by rolling the number 6 on the dice. Until a player takes at least one token out, they cannot make any other moves. Once the player has taken all the pieces out of their respective bases, they can utilize their die rolls on any of their tokens per their preferences.

Things to Remember When Indulging in Ludo

When engrossed in an intense ludo match against skilled opponents, every player should keep the following things in mind:

  • Rolling the number “6” is very crucial in ludo. Players can utilize it to free tokens from its base. They also get a free roll if they manage to roll a “6”.
  • Players should always try and create opportunities to eliminate their opponents’ tokens. To eliminate opponents’ tokens, all players need to do is land their playing piece on top of their opponent’s token, which they wish to eliminate.
  • Players should try overlapping two or more tokens on a specific block to solidify their hold. Doing so will prevent opponents from crossing the point.

Ludo is an exciting game that is perfect for all occasions and events. You can also compare google pay fare vs other digital wallet for your additional knowledge. Beginners can refer to the detailed guide mentioned above to get started with the game.