Join 365’s New E-Learning Platform and Study Finance for Free-Advance Your Finance Career with 365 Financial Analyst

Join 365’s New E-Learning Platform and Study Finance for Free Until March 21

The established e-learning provider 365 launches a new financial education platform and grants unlimited access to all courses until March 21. The free initiative gives everyone the chance to try the program and upskill with high-quality training from industry experts at no cost.

The Company

365 is renowned for its online education program 365 Data Science which helps people break into data science. Over two million individuals across the globe have benefited from the affordable, expert-led training by enhancing their skills and employment prospects.

All components of the program, including captivating content, organized career paths, game design-inspired elements, and in-app incentives, are developed to motivate and equip students with the tools to thrive in a competitive field.

“Our goal is to provide our students with the best education possible, and we constantly search for novel ways to enhance their learning experience, says 365 CEO Ned Krastev. Our goal to provide excellent, reasonably priced training that enables people to thrive in their desired career paths anywhere in the world is continued with 365 Financial Analyst.”

The Program

365 Financial Analyst provides professional training in corporate finance, investment banking, accounting, etc. The program prepares students and those seeking a career change for the responsibilities of financial analysis, investment banking, and investment analysis roles and helps working professionals take their careers to the next level.

The new program incorporates 365 Data Science’s proven approach to online education, customized to fit the requirements of finance students. Inside the platform, they will find:

  • Engaging video lessons and world-class instructors from renowned companies
  • Best-in-class education in accounting, financial analysis, valuation, reporting, investment, corporate finance, training, data visualization, programming for finance, etc.
  • Investment banker, financial analyst and investment analyst career tracks
  • Real-world case studies, exercises, and practical exams
  • Certificates of achievement and a resume builder
  • Gamified elements, rewards, and hand-drawn card collections with famous investors and pioneers of asset management, corporate finance, and banking

Building a very successful career in finance requires determination, devotion and hard work. While it is crucial to obtain sound theoretical knowledge and solid practical skills, the standard educational path is costly and time-consuming. Online training is a viable alternative, but it can be challenging—especially while juggling work, learning, and personal life.

By analyzing over 280,000 active user profiles, the 365 team found that those who engage with the platform and courses daily are more likely to obtain a certificate of achievement. To ensure its students not only begin but complete their career advancement journey, they designed a platform that significantly improves the learning journey and makes the path to success more enjoyable. By incorporating game design principles, they deliver an immersive experience, make studying engaging and motivating, and stimulate students to learn consistently and achieve their goals.

Users can track their performance, receive unique rewards for their achievements, and collect cards with hand-drawn portraits of renowned financial professionals. They join a community of avid learners and receive support from world-class instructors along the way.

The Free Access Initiative

The team commemorates the launch of 365 Financial Analyst with a free initiative that gives everyone the chance to try the new learning platform. They provide unlimited access to all finance courses, exams, practical exercises, and certificates of achievement for 21 days.

Anyone who wishes to learn can sign up for 365 Financial Analyst for free and start studying without providing any credit card information.

Users can advance their finance careers and acquire the abilities necessary to succeed in this highly competitive field. While 21 days is not enough to become a fully-fledged professional, students will be taking a big step toward their desired career path.

Furthermore, they can embark on a structured learning journey with one of the career tracks and become certified financial analysts, investment bankers, or investment analysts. Starting from the fundamentals and gradually building practical skills, the tracks are the perfect preparation for a demanding career in finance.

365 Financial Analyst’s content is also suitable for working professionals who wish to upskill—whether by taking their financial reporting, valuation, or technical analysis abilities to the next level or learning advanced Excel, programming, or data visualization for finance.

The free access initiative provides enough time to learn a new skill, practice through real-world exercises, and earn a certificate of achievement to showcase new capabilities. What is more, it is suitable for all lifestyles as the self-paced lessons allow students and working professionals to adjust their learning schedules to their needs.

The 365 Team created a motivating and engaging learning experience by incorporating gamified elements and supporting their students every step of the way. The free access initiative provides an opportunity to try their proven e-learning methods free of charge.

Take full advantage of the unlimited access to 365 Financial Analyst. Acquire new skills, earn a certificate of achievement, and take your finance career to the next level. Enroll for the program and study at no cost at The free access initiative is valid until March 21.