List of NSE Nifty Private Bank Index Stocks

List of Nifty Private Bank Index Stocks for 2024

You just require cash to buy your stock, and yet picking out some sort of right stock during the well occasion without having a plan is actually incredibly intense. Some of the Nifty Private Bank Index stock prices go incredibly fast using was backed by stronger fundamentally and/or technically uptrend. It is time towards determine powerful stocks showing symptoms out of energy than the rest of the market. There are not any shortcuts inside finding the better stock minus gaining knowledge. Your valid strategy for finding good stock try thru the analytical skills typically was developed at continuous training. Here’s ones up-to-date variety of Nifty Private Bank stocks of 2024.

You might have actually heard more than best two vital stock exchanges in India – Bombay stock exchange (BSE) to National stock exchange (NSE). Ones NSE (National Stock Exchange of India Ltd) is that youngest stock exchange out of India established in their 12 months 1992 with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) guidelines as well as regulations. It’s the premier plus commonly exchanged stock exchange at India. In India, NSE ended up being 1st change in order to implement paperless payment plus advance electronic exchanging techniques for investors.

NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) produces advanced security in order to investors additionally people for keeping, investing to transferring his or her paperless securities seamlessly. NSE has a completely built-in business model comprising trade listings, indices, clearing then settlement services, exchanging services, market information feeds, financial education furthermore system options. Calculation concerning Nifty Private Bank holdings try represented based on some sort of free float market capitalization stocks weightage.

List of Nifty Private Bank Index Stocks for 2024

Indian stock market is made of above 6,500+ stocks which is really a significant downside with this theory. Its unlikely to do fundamental analysis of all stocks occasionally. Here you can make use of our stock screener inside 1st shortlist some close stocks starting NSE Nifty Pvt Bank weightage. You can next get-forward towards check its technical chart of deep analysis.

Sr Company Name ISIN Number Listed On Series Group Face Value Listing Date Industry / Company Sector Market Cap (Cr) P/BV 1-Yr Return 1-Yr Profit Growth 3-Yrs Profit Growth 5-Yrs Profit Growth 52 Week High 52 Week High Date 52 Week Low 52 Week Low Date
1 Axis Bank Limited INE238A01034 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 16-11-1998 Regional Banks ₹3,16,355.02 2.43 19.59% 27.52% 113.44% 112.56% ₹1,047.50 20-Sep-23 ₹814.30 16-Mar-23
2 Bandhan Bank Ltd INE545U01014 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 27-03-2018 Regional Banks ₹35,793.41 1.83 0.57% -34.12% -10.12% 10.28% ₹272.00 01-Jun-23 ₹182.15 28-Mar-23
3 Federal Bank Limited INE171A01029 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 08-02-1995 Regional Banks ₹36,464.11 1.44 11.3% 47.16% 26.14% 27.59% ₹155.20 15-Nov-23 ₹120.90 26-Dec-22
4 HDFC Bank Ltd INE040A01034 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹1.00 08-11-1995 Regional Banks ₹11,43,603.22 2.91 -6.79% 30.51% 19.03% 19.93% ₹1,757.50 03-Jul-23 ₹1,460.25 26-Oct-23
5 ICICI Bank Ltd. INE090A01021 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 17-09-1997 Regional Banks ₹6,55,916.58 3.05 1.76% 35.52% 52.61% 34.55% ₹1,008.70 24-Jul-23 ₹796.00 30-Jan-23
6 IDFC First Bank Ltd INE092T01019 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 06-11-2015 Regional Banks ₹62,364.98 2.26 57.02% 71.77% 42.17% 23.05% ₹100.70 05-Sep-23 ₹52.10 28-Mar-23
7 Indusind Bank Ltd. INE095A01012 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 28-01-1998 Regional Banks ₹1,16,514.86 2.13 30.72% 40.46% 18.66% 15.47% ₹1,538.50 15-Nov-23 ₹990.00 01-Feb-23
8 Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. INE237A01028 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹5.00 20-12-1995 Regional Banks ₹3,52,359.56 3.15 -9.11% 25.73% 20.28% 19.31% ₹2,064.40 31-May-23 ₹1,643.50 14-Mar-23
9 RBL Bank Limited INE976G01028 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹10.00 31-08-2016 Regional Banks ₹15,312.60 1.12 75.31% 40.39% 20.42% 6.81% ₹257.75 16-Nov-23 ₹131.60 20-Mar-23
10 Yes Bank Ltd. INE528G01035 NSE & BSE EQ A ₹2.00 12-07-2005 Regional Banks ₹57,948.55 1.46 18.88% -24.78% 26.92% -29.63% ₹24.75 14-Dec-22 ₹14.40 13-Mar-23

Examples of Nifty Private Bank Stocks/Companies

Let us assume that 10 years back you have purchased HDFC Bank Limited (HDFCBANK) from Financial (Regional Banks) sector. In 10 years, Hdfc Bank Ltd stock has rise with 20% Compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Suppose you have invested ₹4,90,000 principal in HDFC Bank Limited (HDFCBANK) stock. Calculate 10 years returns with CAGR formula for Hdfc Bank Ltd stock. Your investment value will be ₹30,33,951 in 10 years.


This conclude the List of Nifty Private Bank Index Stocks of 2024. The examples of NSE Nifty Private Bank Index Stock will help you to take effective investment decisions. Happy Reading!
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