List-of-Sensex 30 Companies-List-of-Sensex 30 Companies

List of SENSEX 30 Companies for 2023

We invest in stocks in order to grow our wealth over the long-term. In spite of the fact that some people consider stocks to be a high-risk investment, many studies have shown that investing in the stock market for a lengthy period of time (five to ten years) may provide inflation-beating returns — making it a superior investment choice than real estate or gold. India has two main stock exchanges: the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) are the two largest stock exchanges in the world (NSE). When it comes to investing in list of sensex 30 companies, people have both long- and short-term plans. While stocks may be very volatile over a short period of time, investing in the proper stocks can help traders earn significant gains quickly and efficiently.

There are two kinds of share markets in the nation that is Primary share market and Secondary share market. The real trading of a company’s shares happens on the secondary share market. After a company’s share is listed on a stock market, investors may participate in sensex 30 companies for trading. The selling or purchase, on pricing that are controlled by market fluctuations. You may deal in shares in the secondary share market only via a broker. Every day, hundreds of crores worth of shares is traded in the equity market in India. If you are new to markets, you should acquire some expertise in list of sensex 30 companies before you go into the stock market.

List of SENSEX 30 Companies for 2023

Consider stock market investing to supplement your income. Companies receive cash, convert it to stock, and sell it the next day for cash. A shareholder is a person who owns stock in a company. Then they are traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Take a step back and look at the big picture. The stock market’s jargon can be confusing to newcomers. Stock and equity are both slang terms for the same thing in the financial industry. Investors trade and profit from a list of SENSEX 30 companies for 2023.

SrCompany NameISIN NumberListed OnSeriesGroupFace ValueListing DateIndustry / Company SectorMarket Cap (Cr)P/BV1-Yr Return1-Yr Profit Growth3-Yrs Profit Growth5-Yrs Profit Growth52 Week High52 Week High Date52 Week Low52 Week Low Date
1Asian Paints Ltd.INE021A01026NSE & BSEEQA₹1.0031-05-1995Chemical Manufacturing₹3,22,290.4623.351.37%2.5%12.8%9.71%₹3,590.0010-Jan-22₹2,560.0017-Jun-22
2Axis Bank Ltd.INE238A01034NSE & BSEEQA₹2.0016-11-1998Regional Banks₹2,49,547.962.10.28%90.98%40.87%29.0%₹866.9025-Oct-21₹618.2523-Jun-22
3Bajaj Finance LimitedINE296A01024NSE & BSEEQA₹2.0001-04-2003Consumer Financial Services₹4,63,595.3310.60.72%93.32%20.85%30.86%₹8,050.0018-Oct-21₹5,220.0017-Jun-22
4Bajaj Finserv Ltd.INE918I01018NSE & BSEEQ₹5.0026-05-2008Insurance (Life)₹2,87,965.117.133.76%23.12%12.26%15.02%₹1,932.5019-Oct-21₹1,072.7201-Jul-22
5Bharti Airtel Ltd.INE397D01024NSE & BSEEQA₹5.0015-02-2002Communications Services₹4,53,736.036.9710.0%171.49%156.29%-3.36%₹790.6515-Sep-22₹628.7514-Jul-22
6Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.INE089A01023NSE & BSEEQA₹5.0030-05-2003Biotechnology & Drugs₹68,602.643.57-14.15%72.16%4.5%11.01%₹5,077.0004-Oct-21₹3,654.0004-Mar-22
7Hcl Technologies Ltd.INE860A01027NSE & BSEEQA₹2.0006-01-2000Software & Programming₹2,47,757.614.01-29.65%18.88%10.28%9.36%₹1,377.7524-Sep-21₹877.3515-Jul-22
8Hdfc Bank LtdINE040A01034NSE & BSEEQA₹1.0008-11-1995Regional Banks₹8,41,927.803.4-3.67%21.0%19.42%20.03%₹1,725.0018-Oct-21₹1,271.6017-Jun-22
9Hindustan Unilever Ltd.INE030A01027NSE & BSEEQA₹1.0006-07-1995Personal & Household Prods.₹6,10,999.4912.45-7.9%10.6%12.82%15.65%₹2,859.3021-Sep-21₹1,901.5508-Mar-22
10Housing Development Finance Corp.Ltd.INE001A01036NSE & BSEEQA₹2.0023-10-1996Consumer Financial Services₹4,46,952.952.48-10.98%13.36%11.66%15.38%₹3,021.1015-Nov-21₹2,026.0017-Jun-22
11Icici Bank Ltd.INE090A01021NSE & BSEEQA₹2.0017-09-1997Regional Banks₹6,37,687.563.4826.65%38.46%80.7%19.76%₹936.6515-Sep-22₹642.1507-Mar-22
12Indusind Bank Ltd.INE095A01012NSE & BSEEQA₹10.0028-01-1998Regional Banks₹97,852.752.0212.46%56.37%11.78%9.98%₹1,256.0019-Sep-22₹763.2023-Jun-22
13Infosys Ltd.INE009A01021NSE & BSEEQA₹5.0008-02-1995Software & Programming₹5,90,568.608.0-17.63%9.76%12.88%9.16%₹1,953.9017-Jan-22₹1,367.1517-Jun-22
14Itc Ltd.INE154A01025NSE & BSEEQA₹1.0023-08-1995Tobacco₹4,18,352.446.6643.57%17.44%6.3%8.3%₹339.0014-Sep-22₹207.0024-Feb-22
15Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.INE237A01028NSE & BSEEQA₹5.0020-12-1995Regional Banks₹3,85,998.813.98-3.59%31.13%18.85%19.6%₹2,253.0027-Oct-21₹1,631.0030-Jun-22
16Larsen & Toubro Ltd.INE018A01030NSE & BSEEQA₹2.0023-06-2004Construction Services₹2,74,328.433.312.11%-39.77%-1.99%6.7%₹2,078.5518-Jan-22₹1,456.3520-Jun-22
17Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.INE101A01026NSE & BSEEQA₹5.0003-01-1996Constr. & Agric. Machinery₹1,61,888.533.4374.6%1334.55%6.64%12.82%₹1,338.0009-Sep-22₹671.1508-Mar-22
18Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.INE585B01010NSE & BSEEQA₹5.0009-07-2003Auto & Truck Manufacturers₹2,83,548.915.1533.53%-13.48%-22.08%-13.74%₹9,343.4519-Sep-22₹6,536.5508-Mar-22
19Nestle India Ltd.INE239A01016NSE & BSEEQA₹10.0008-01-2010Food Processing₹1,81,502.5877.97-7.66%3.76%13.03%18.14%₹20,386.0020-Sep-21₹16,000.0019-May-22
20Ntpc Ltd.INE733E01010NSE & BSEEQA₹10.0005-11-2004Electric Utilities₹1,67,073.541.2339.36%9.67%2.93%8.83%₹176.1515-Sep-22₹119.1020-Dec-21
21Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd.INE752E01010NSE & BSEEQA₹10.0005-10-2007Electric Utilities₹1,63,992.902.1431.72%5.8%9.61%13.72%₹248.3510-May-22₹175.1027-Sep-21
22Reliance Industries Ltd.INE002A01018NSE & BSEEQA₹10.0029-11-1995Oil & Gas Operations₹17,06,₹2,856.1529-Apr-22₹2,180.0008-Mar-22
23State Bank Of IndiaINE062A01020NSE & BSEEQA₹1.0001-03-1995Regional Banks₹5,12,897.441.6930.81%61.99%153.78%159.61%₹578.5015-Sep-22₹425.0008-Mar-22
24Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.INE044A01036NSE & BSEEQA₹1.0008-02-1995Biotechnology & Drugs₹2,12,041.254.415.64%14.2%23.62%-0.99%₹967.0529-Apr-22₹733.7006-Dec-21
25Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.INE467B01029NSE & BSEEQA₹1.0025-08-2004Software & Programming₹11,20,017.3212.55-20.78%9.91%6.84%7.83%₹4,043.0017-Jan-22₹2,953.0015-Jul-22
26Tata Steel Ltd.INE081A01012NSE & BSEEQ₹10.0018-11-1998Iron & Steel₹1,28,176.031.11-17.72%79.26%66.76%76.76%₹142.6619-Oct-21₹82.7023-Jun-22
27Tech Mahindra Ltd.INE669C01036NSE & BSEEQA₹5.0028-08-2006Software & Programming₹1,02,853.203.83-27.37%12.5%9.15%14.71%₹1,838.0030-Dec-21₹943.7017-Jun-22
28Titan Company LimitedINE280A01028NSE & BSEEQA₹1.0024-09-2004Jewelry & Silverware₹2,36,710.4225.4326.11%132.36%16.74%23.4%₹2,768.0021-Mar-22₹1,825.0501-Jul-22
29Ultratech Cement Ltd.INE481G01011NSE & BSEEQA₹10.0024-08-2004Construction – Raw Materials₹1,88,294.923.76-14.73%12.06%44.19%21.91%₹8,269.0008-Nov-21₹5,157.0517-Jun-22
30Wipro Ltd.INE075A01022NSE & BSEEQA₹2.0008-11-1995Computer Services₹2,23,148.763.4-39.33%-0.88%10.75%7.56%₹739.8514-Oct-21₹391.0015-Jul-22

First Evaluate The Stock Before Investment

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are two methods of evaluating equities. For intraday trading, technical analysts look at the market in minute detail. Several variables, such as the moving average and the Relative Strength Index (RSI), must be considered in this case. It’s possible to study stock movements by looking at trends, patterns, analyses, and reports given by brokerage firms. Fundamental analysis allows you to look at things like Returns on Equity, Earnings Yield, GP Margin, Debt-to-Equity Ratio, Interest Cover Ratio, and Market Capitalization, among other things. As a result, you’ll have a better understanding of stock price movements.

The Stock Exchange

The stock market is a marketplace for buying and selling publicly traded company shares. It provides a platform for easy exchange of stock. To put it another way, if A wants to get rid of his shares in Reliance Industries, the stock market may connect him with a buyer. To be clear, only a licenced middleman known as a stock broker may facilitate stock market trading. Shares are purchased and sold via an electronic trading platform. Stock brokers will be a topic for future discussion.


List of SENSEX 30 Companies for 2023 analysts use to describe the current state of the Indian stock markets. It may help you understand stocks and other equity investments. You should invest after learning about sensex 30 companies. Traders exchange corporate ownership interests for cash on a decentralised market where buyers and sellers are anonymous (buyers and sellers of stocks) (buyers and sellers of stocks).

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